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See archives of this program below, where you're taken somewhere new in the world as we interview an Ozarks resident who was born in a different country.  Learn about other cultures, traditions, and the diversity we have here in the Ozarks. Around the World, Here and Home discontinued production in 2014. See archives below.

Good morning, and Welcome to Around the World, Here at Home.

Today, we’re headed south – way south – to a land conquered by Spanish colonists in 1512 after rumors that it bore silver mountains.  It was home to the president Juan Peron and his popular wife, Eva, who inspired the Broadway musical “Evita.” Today, it’s the eighth largest country in the world, and the largest Spanish-speaking one:  Argentina.

Welcome to Around the World, Here at Home. I’m Jennifer Davidson. Today, we travel to southeastern Europe, to a land the Roman Empire conquered nearly 2000 years ago.  It was home to the prince who inspired the character Count Dracula, and it boasts of rugged mountains and a coastline along the Black Sea:  Romania.  We hear from Drury University biology professor Ioana Popescu, who was a college student in the capital of Bucharest when the Iron Curtain of communism fell, and president Nicolae Ceausescu was overthrown and executed.

Jassim Al-Roubaie now lives in Nixa, but was born to a Kurdish family in the heart of Iraq.

“I grew up in a beautiful city called Baghdad. Or, it used to be beautiful,” Al-Roubaie said. “It didn’t matter if you were Sunni, or Shiite, or Kurdish, or Arabic. Unfortunately, now it does.”

His dad wanted him to go to college in America. So, he found himself in a Catholic college in Kansas City.

Welcome to Around the World, Here at Home. I’m Jennifer Davidson. Today, we’re exploring a country that’s a parliamentary democracy in southeast Europe: The Republic of Albania. And we’re seeing this country through the eyes of Arta Davis, who grew up there, and who now calls the Ozarks home.

"We didn't have many toys, and we didn't have access to TV and the media. We played a lot outdoors," she said. Soccer, chess, tag, and reading were a big part of her childhood, she says.

Helena Peric, a 6'1" freshman volleyball player at Missouri State University-West Plains, was still a baby when her family home was set ablaze in Croatia.

The wars in former Yugoslavia in the 1990s were fought mostly between small republics who wanted their independence, and a strong central government in Belgrade, Serbia.  The ugly conflicts brought to the world stage centuries of ethnic tension.