SCT's Summer Songbook Series Hosts Branson's "Torch Song Goddess," Heather Marie

Jul 18, 2014

Branson vocalist Heather Marie performs for Springfield Contemporary Theatre's "Sunday Songbook" Series.

Springfield Contemporary Theatre's monthly "Sunday Songbook" series, which is usually scheduled on the second Sunday evening during each of the company's mainstage productions, presents members of the area theatre community in intimate concert performances in a wide variety of musical styles. This month the series will feature "Heather Marie & Co.", Sunday July 20th at 7:00pm.  Hailing from Lubbock, Texas before going to New York and finally settling in the Ozarks, Heather Marie has been hailed as "Branson's Torch Song Goddess."  Rick Dines of SCT says “Heather Marie” is actually the stage name for Heather Peterson.  This is actually her first project for Springfield Contemporary Theatre, although Rick says they’ve “been trying to lure her up here.  She has a musical-theatre background and would love to get back to doing a little more legit musical theatre—but we’ve never been able to get the schedule to work.” (In fact, the reason you’re NOT hearing Heather herself in this interview is that she had a 10:00am show in Branson!) Accompanying her on July 20 will be pianist Gary Freeman and bassist Matt Stakes.  They'll perform at SCT Center Stage in Wilhoit Plaza, 431 S. Jefferson Ave #136 (on the corner of Pershing & Robberson).  For ticket information call 831-8001 or visit