Mattress Recycling Coming to Springfield

Mar 22, 2018

Old Mattress
Credit colleen_elizabeth / Flickr

For a fee, Springfield residents can soon begin recycling their old mattresses and box springs rather than sending them to the landfill.

Two City of Springfield recycling facilities will begin accepting those items tomorrow (3/23).

Mattress recycling services will be offered at the City’s Lone Pine Avenue Recycling Center, 3020 S. Lone Pine, and the Springfield Sanitary Landfill at a cost of $15 per piece.    

The city’s superintendent of solid waste, Erick Roberts, said mattresses don’t compact well in landfills and are hard on machinery.  He hopes the new recycling option will help free up space in the city’s landfill. 

Collection and processing will be provided through a new contract with BedHead Mattress Recycling. Mattresses will be transported to BedHead’s facility in Billings, then deconstructed. Components are processed, shipped and ultimately become raw materials used by a number of manufacturers in products such as construction materials, wood chip mulch and more.