Free Graffiti Removal Offered in May

Apr 13, 2015

Credit BrainMaY / Flickr

If you’re a homeowner or business owner in Springfield, you can have graffiti removed from your property for free.

The Community Partnership of the Ozarks is taking requests for an event on May 9th.  The Task Force on Gangs and Youth Violence will coordinate graffiti removal with the help of several area organizations.

So far, 16 sites have been cleaned up, and the CPO says four of those were directly linked to gang activity.

Anyone who would like to be part of the event on May 9th can sign up here.

New graffiti should be reported to the Springfield Police Department.  Sergeant Justin Gargus with SPD says they’ll determine if it’s gang-related.  And he says it’s just as important to remove the graffiti so it doesn’t attract more graffiti or vandalism.