Councilmember Ken McClure Running for Springfield Mayor

Aug 24, 2016

Springfield’s Mayor Pro-Tem Ken McClure announced today his candidacy for mayor.

The announcement positions McClure against fellow Councilmember Kristi Fulnecky, who earlier this year said she’s running for mayor. Current Mayor Bob Stephens is not seeking re-election. 

McClure stated that “My focus will be on leadership and building a consensus, and investing in a bright future for our city. I will work for good jobs, safe neighborhoods and a safe city, and for smart infrastructure.”

McClure was joined by supporters and representatives from both the Springfield Association of Firefighters and the Springfield Good Governance Committee. The Committee’s Kevin Ausburn said that it’s vital for people in city government to understand the importance of small businesses and exemplify civic leadership.

Eric Latimer is with the Springfield Association of Firefighters. He stated that while both candidates have solid records of supporting public safety, McClure has the necessary experience and leadership.

“We feel that he’s going to bring the leadership Springfield needs to ensure that public safety is maintained and improved upon in our city.”

Latimer also offered support for McClure on behalf of over 300 Springfield firefighters. The Springfield Police Officers Association endorsed Fulnecky.

McClure was elected to City Council in April 2015 to General Seat D. In addition to Mayor Pro Tem, McClure serves on the Community Involvement and Finance Administration committees. Since 2008, he’s served as vice president for Administration and Information Services at Missouri State University.

McClure says he wants to build upon the work that Mayor Stephens has already accomplished for the city of Springfield.

“We have several issues in our community, we know about poverty, we know about homelessness, and I believe that good paying jobs ultimately are the best solution to what we have facing us.”

The election for mayor takes place in April 2017.