Nicki Donnelson

Co-host of "Missouri State Journal"

Nicki received a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Business Administration from Missouri State in marketing, in 2002 and 2004 respectively. After gaining experience in writing, marketing, special event planning, fundraising and public relations, she returned to the university to work as the public relations specialist in the office of university communications. There she tells the university’s story by sharing the stories of individuals at Missouri State. 

Ways to Connect

With approximately 4,000 students living on Missouri State University’s campus and almost 4,000 faculty and staff working on campus either full- or part-time, monitoring utility consumption is key to keeping costs low. The office of energy management recently purchased an energy dashboard called Green Kiosk to monitor this and educate the campus community on Missouri State’s sustainability efforts.

Pilar Karlen and Jen Cox from facilities management share more.

Whether it’s a conference, holiday party or a wedding, there are many details to attend to as you plan a special event. Lamae Koogler, visiting assistant professor in the hospitality and restaurant administration department at Missouri State University, offers six A’s to keep the planning process on track.